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We aim to help Canadians get behind the wheel through a 1, 2 and 3-step full service. At Drive Away Today, we understand the challenging journey of bouncing between dealerships to find the right car along with a sustainable option. That’s why we work to get everyone pre-approved before you even have to step foot inside a dealership.

Our AI-powered technology determines your financial standing, see what you can qualify for, and pinpoints a solution to get you into your dream car. 

Our mission

It’s our mission to ensure that your next new or used vehicle purchase is easy and enjoyable. When you apply, you’ll have access to: 

How it works

Get into the car you want

When you apply, we’ll connect you with our trusted dealerships to get into the vehicle you deserve. You’ll also be set up with a free MyMarble financial wellness platform where you can track your spending habits, monitor your credit score, and manage your debt payments. We will be with you every step of the way with a step-by-step personalized action plan toward building your credit and lowering your rates!

Drive Away Today is your one-stop to:

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