Say Goodbye to Frustrating Leads:

If you are tired of purchasing low quality and resold leads that don’t want to finance a vehicle or don’t pick up the phone at all, then the Marble “Drive Away Today” Leads Program is the right choice for you.

Rather than handle operations like most lead gen companies, we wanted to actually support customers with buying a vehicle and helping them to find the right dealer partner to work with. Our managing team has finance experience in the auto industry, so we know firsthand the frustrations of purchasing leads from other providers.

Experience Unprecedented Success

That’s why we’ve assembled a special team to verify leads directly like a finance manager would. We have authentic conversations with each customer, ensuring a personal touch while gathering their credit application. Our process involves directly collecting their Driver’s License, assisting them to get their pay confirmation in order, and even a warm handoff to connect them with your finance manager once we’ve confirmed the lead and while we still have them on the line.

We are seeing well above 10% close rates and 80% pickup rates.

Get Started With Drive Away Today


Per Lead

To make this a no-brainer, we are offering test batches of 25 leads. Each lead is $150 and so you can get started testing for as little as $3,750 today.

Choose Leads that Deliver Results

Dealers need to focus on “return on investment” when purchasing leads or spending marketing dollars.

While certain lead providers may offer lower costs per lead, the pick-up rate and close rate on those leads won’t be as promising. This discrepancy arises from the fact that other providers lack the personal verification process and warm handoffs that we offer.

With our leads, you can expect a significantly higher ROI compared to any competitor sources. We have so much faith in our service that we’re willing to start with a small batch and progressively increase from there.

All that’s required to get started is to fill out a short form that includes authorization to bill your credit card, the # of leads you want, and a short contract that protects the both of us. The contract states that we will not be reselling your leads to other dealerships — so that you have it in writing.

If you want to chat some more and learn about our program and how we can help you sell another 5-10 units this month, you can give Jozef a call or shoot him a text at +15194102412.

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