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We’re committed to helping Canadians find the financing they need to get behind the wheel of their next vehicle. At Drive Away Today, we eliminate the long process of purchasing a vehicle by working with you to find your next vehicle and what you need to get approved.

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How it works

How does Drive Away Today help me improve my finances?2023-02-07T22:39:18+00:00

When you apply, we’ll work to get you the best rate possible and also provide you access to your own free MyMarble financial wellness platform. This is where we will work with you to provide personalized recommendations, track your progress, and access exclusive learning resources to increase your credit score and reduce your debt—allowing you to qualify for even lower rates! 

Does applying affect my credit score?2023-02-07T22:40:25+00:00

Not at all. When you complete the application, we will only pull a soft credit check to see what we’re working with, and what you can get approved for. 

Can I get approved if I have bad credit?2023-02-07T22:40:50+00:00

We work to help you get the best rate possible, even if you have been turned down before. That means all credit types are welcome, regardless of your credit history. 

If you are unsure about what you can qualify for, take a couple of minutes to complete our free pre-approval application to find out what type of loan you can get approved for before you start your search for a car. After you get your vehicle, we will work with you to further improve your credit so you can access lower interest rates sooner rather than later. 

How do you choose your dealership partners?2023-02-07T22:41:15+00:00

At Marble, we care deeply about the customer experience and financial journey. That’s why we have carefully vetted all our partners to ensure the quality of service is one we’d be proud of. 

Where does Drive Away Today’s Inventory come from?2023-02-07T22:41:34+00:00

We work with a number of certified dealerships across Canada to provide inspected, quality-ensured vehicles to all of our customers. 

Is Drive Away Today available in my province?2023-02-07T22:41:55+00:00

Drive Away Today is currently available across Canada except Quebec.

How does Drive Away Today work?2023-02-07T22:42:28+00:00

Drive Away Today is committed to getting you behind the wheel in the car you choose. Simply fill out a quick assessment to know what you can get approved for before you visit a dealership or speak to a sales person, choose your best financing option, and drive away! We will continue to work with you along the way and qualify you for even lower rates in the future. 

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